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I offer individual guitar, bass, piano and uke lessons @ $30 a lesson.


I currently teach out of Mammoth Music   500 E. 5th,  Anch.


I accept students as young as 6.


Half of my students are adults.


Traditional students 6-8 start with Kids Guitar Method one.   A single string method is used to learn the notes in open position. Traditional children’s songs (3 Blind Mice, Old McDonald, ect.) are taught to encourage singing and ear training.


Traditional students 9 and up begin with Hal Lenord’s Guitar Method Bk 1 .  A single string method is used to learn the notes in open position.  Identify which style the student is most interested in. Begin to focus lessons around specific style encouraging students to explore musical examples of their choice.  Use these musical examples to dig into the parts of music.


A Christmas and Spring concert will be presented.


Adult and intermediate to advanced students will be approached differently. These learners may have more specific goals. These learners may have a larger pool of music they are familiar with to work from.

A volunteer adult performance group is now gearing up to present  Pink Floyd’s  “Dark Side of the Moon” in it’s entirety this winter.


Scott Feris           B.A. Music           279-9473